06 Oct 2020

(chaperone (tenth RacketCon))

posted by Matthew Flatt

RacketCon is next week!

Naturally, RacketCon is virtual this year. So, the bad news is that we don’t get to be in the same room. The good news is that no one has to travel across the country or around the world to attend. RacketCon is open to all with no registration required.

Even in virtual mode, we don’t have to completely give up on social events. Instead of our typical brewpub gathering, we’ll have a BYOB virtual Biergarten via Gather on Friday, October 16 at 6:00pm UTC. That’s 2:00pm Eastern and only noon in the Mountain time zone where I’ll be — but, hey, it’s Friday.

Talks start on Saturday at 2:00pm UTC, which is 10:00am Eastern and 7:00am Pacific. (Note that the schedule on the RacketCon page will adapt to your local timezone.) Kathi Fisler is our keynote speaker, and we’ll also hear talk from Chris Webber, Konrad Hinsen, Brian Adkins, Sage Gerard, Pierce Darragh, Gustavo Massaccesi. In each case, there will be a pre-recorded talk video followed by a live Q&A with the speakers and further Q&A in the chat channels.

On Sunday, Sam Tobin-Hochstadt will talk about the State of Racket, followed by the Racket Town Hall. Then it’s more talks from Jesse Alama, Peter Zhong, Panicz Godek, Stephen De Gabrielle, and Ben Greenman, and finally an AMA with Matthias Felleisen.

The talks are scheduled with a lot of time in between, so hop back over to Gather during those breaks to chat more with other Racketeers.

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