23 Jun 2020

Racket Survey 2020

posted by Stephen De Gabrielle and Sam Tobin-Hochstadt

We’re taking a survey! We want to better understand the Racket community, from people who have been contributing for decades to those who have just joined us, and from seasoned programmers to those just starting out.

One of our goals is to help bring in new contributors and make it easier to become a part of the community.

Fill out the survey here: https://forms.gle/XeHdgv8R7o2VjBbF9

Completing the survey should take 10–15 minutes, and is anonymous (unless you decide to include your name). The survey will be open until July 31 and we will report on the results sometime after that.

Please help us spread the word by sharing the survey link on your social network feeds, at conferences, around your office, and in other communities.

If you have any questions, please let us know at survey@racket-lang.org.

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