20 Jan 2017

(seventh RacketCon)

posted by Vincent St-Amour


(seventh RacketCon) will be held on October 7th, followed by Racketeer Office Hours on October 8th. This year, RacketCon will be in Seattle, WA, with support from the Racket group at the University of Washington.

RacketCon is a yearly event where members of the Racket community get together, featuring talks and demos about the things you do with Racket.

Racketeer Office Hours is a new event that we’re trying out this year. It is a free-form day for Racketeers to get together and collaborate on ongoing projects, start new ones, and get help and advice from other members of the community.

Registration is not open yet, but we’ll let you know when it is.

See you in Seattle!

Vincent St-Amour, Matthew Butterick, and Matthew Flatt with help from Emina Torlak and Amanda Robles at UW

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