07 Oct 2014

PLT Redex Summer School, Call for Participation

posted by Robby Findler

LOCATION: University of Utah, Salt Lake City

DATES: July 27 - July 31, 2015


PLT Redex is a lightweight, embedded DSL for modeling programming languages, their reduction semantics, and their type systems. It comes with an IDE and a toolbox for exploring, testing, debugging, and type-setting language models. The PLT research group has successfully used Redex to model and analyze a wide spectrum of published models.

The summer school will introduce students to the underlying theory of reduction semantics, programming in the Redex language, and using its tool suite effectively. The course is intended for PhD students and researchers in programming languages. Enrollment is limited to 25 attendees.

While the workshop itself is free, attendees must pay for travel, room, and board. We expect room and board to be around $500, assuming an arrival in the evening of Sunday July 26 and leaving Friday July 31 or August 1. Partial financial support for PhD students is available.

To register, send email to Matthew Flatt (mflatt@cs.utah.edu). If you are a PhD student and requesting financial support, CC your advisor and ask for a one-line confirmation email.


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