12 Mar 2014

The new Racket home page

posted by Asumu Takikawa

Racket now has a new look for its web presence. You can see it at http://racket-lang.org (modulo DNS propagation).

The new pages improve on the old in several ways:

  • More information is now on the front page.

  • The site works much better small devices, such as phones.

  • It’s easier to find important parts of the site, like the package directory.

  • The download process is more streamlined — now it’s only 2 clicks.

We also wanted to have a new look, and a description that talks about why Racket is exciting.

Finally, we’ve taken this opportunity to shift our web hosting entirely to Amazon S3, for which Greg Hendershott’s aws package has been very helpful.

While the new pages have been under development for quite a while, we’re still happy to take bug reports, suggestions and (especially) patches: all of the site can be found here:


with the framework for building the site here:


The site is built using Eli’s scribble/html library, which is very nice to use.

I’d especially like to thank Eli and Matthew for their help with this — going from my hacked-up HTML prototype to the smooth-building and well-organized code we have now has taken lots of work.


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