29 Aug 2012

RacketCon 2012

posted by Sam Tobin-Hochstadt

We’re pleased to announce that (second RacketCon) will take place on October 13, 2012, at Northeastern University in Boston. This year, RacketCon will feature 3 2-hour tutorial sessions, as well as a series of short talks about development in and of Racket over the last year.

Potential tutorial sessions include:

  • Building a new domain-specific language using syntactic extension

  • Using contracts in application development

  • Adding types to an existing application with Typed Racket

  • Parallelizing Racket applications with futures and places Potential talks include:

  • submodules

  • WhaleSong

  • futures and visualization

  • distributed places

  • optimization coaching

  • Dracula and ACL2

  • PLT Redex Lunch will be provided.

On Sunday after RacketCon, we plan to hold a hackathon to work as a group on various Racket projects such as documentation improvements and FFI bindings. This will be organized by Asumu Takikawa.

To register, fill out this form. The conference website has more information.

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