29 Jul 2011

RacketCon Recap

posted by Sam Tobin-Hochstadt

We held RacketCon here at Northeastern over the past weekend, and it was a great time! Matthew Flatt consulted his magic 8-ball about the future of Racket (it involves Hawaiian shirts); Matthias Felleisen announced the upcoming Realm of Racket book; Robby Findler demoed DrRacket with online syntax checking; Ryan Culpepper taught us how to make Rackety libraries; Prabhakar Ragde explained how the University of Waterloo teaches Racket and Program by Design to 1500 students a year (and how to embed math into Scribble documents).

Danny Yoo has already blogged about his talk about his Whalesong Racket->JavaScript compiler. Hopefully other people will write more about some of the individual talks; I’ll update this post to link to any that I see.

As promised, the talks were videotaped by Jeff Dlouhy of the NUACM; the videos are in post-production and should be up within a few weeks. We’ll announce their availability on this blog. Slides from the individual talks will be up on the RacketCon webpage soon.

can’t wait for the videos!

Ramakrishnan VU3RDD, 29 July 2011

Great! thanks for making these available

therac25, 29 July 2011

How is the progress on the videos?

numbertheory, 13 September 2011

Having missed the event, I very much look forward to any videos. Is there an ETA?

jcgsample, 23 September 2011

When will the videos be out?

dwayne, 12 November 2011

will the videos ever come out of post-production ?

therac25, 24 November 2011

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