24 Feb 2009

Call for Participation: Writing Typed Scheme wrapper modules

posted by Sam Tobin-Hochstadt

Typed Scheme is a language for writing PLT Scheme programs that are statically checked for type errors. Right now, Typed Scheme handles a large portion of the PLT Scheme language. However, to use Typed Scheme effectively, we need libraries that work with it. For this task, we’re looking for help.

We’d like volunteers for writing wrapper modules that adapt untyped libraries to Typed Scheme. This task is very easy for the smallest libraries, but can be much more complicated for larger, complex libraries.

There’s a preliminary guide for conversion here and a list of modules to adapt, and their current status is available here.

Questions about this project, and about developing with Typed Scheme in general, can be asked on plt-dev@list.cs.brown.edu , and questions or comments can be sent directly to me.

We hope to continue making Typed Scheme into a useful tool for PLT Scheme programmers.


Sam, Stevie, and Matthias

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