03 Sep 2007

Birthday Easter Eggs in DrScheme

posted by Robby Findler

DrScheme has five birthday easter eggs in it, one for each of the main contributers to the PLT Scheme infrastructure (Matthias, Matthew, Eli, Shriram, and me). I put four of them in there, and mostly concentrated on making them fun. Matthew added mine and the best part of that one is figuring out on earth it shows up (it is quite tricky to find the code that actually makes that one appear).

I don’t want to ruin the fun of searching for the Easter Eggs yourself, but just to get you started, do have a look at plt/collects/framework/private/bday.ss for Matthias, Matthew, Shriram, and Eli’s birthdays. Mine is July 2nd.

Happy Hunting!

Happy Birthday! Thanks a lot for this great program. I am using it in the Coursera class “Introduction to Systematic Program Design”. I am a beginner in programming and find it very nice to use. Have a wonderful day!

Unknown, 2 July 2013

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