30 Jul 2007

control, resumed

posted by matthias

Since at least some people helped me re-re-invent prompt after my last post, I thought I would remind people that PLT Scheme is the only production system in the world that provides delimited and (truly) composable continuations directly (and w/o loss of TCO properties). So here is the same fragment again:

(require (lib "control.ss"))

(define (generate-one-element-at-a-time a-list)
  (define (control-state)
    (for-each (lambda (an-element-from-a-list)
  (control resume-here
    (set! control-state resume-here)
  (define (generator) (prompt (control-state)))

Take a look, compare and contrast with the previous post. Time permitting, I will continue to show you another control poem soon. P.S. See Adding Delimited and Composable Control to a Production Programming Environment for details.

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