16 May 2007

Looking for small Scheme scripts

posted by Sam Tobin-Hochstadt

As part of the Typed Scheme project, we are looking for small Scheme scripts that we can port from PLT Scheme to Typed Scheme. We would like to investigate if Typed Scheme is capable of checking idiomatic PLT Scheme code, as represented by scripts written by members of the PLT Scheme community.

Therefore, if you have a simple PLT Scheme program which handles a scripting/processing task, and you are willing to share it with us for the improvement of Typed Scheme, please let me know. Typed Scheme currently handles all of ‘core’ MzScheme, as well as many of the collections (the major exceptions are the class and unit systems).

In return, we will inform you of any bugs that we discover during the port.

More information about Typed Scheme is available from the webpage: http://www.ccs.neu.edu/~samth/typed-scheme.html

The link is broken in this article, please fix.

Julian, 19 April 2009

I see three links (two to the typed scheme main page and one to Sam’s email). They all seem okay to me.

Robby, 19 April 2009

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