Racket v5.3.4

Racket version 5.3.4 is now available from

  • Extflonums (80-bit floating-point numbers) are supported on some x86/x86_64 platforms — including Windows, and including platforms where Racket is compiled to use SSE instructions for flonum arithmetic. Thanks to Michael Filonenko.
  • OS X: DrRacket and all of the other apps are now signed with an official key.
  • Tally Maze: a new game based an enumeration of 2d mazes.
  • The Optimization Coach, a DrRacket plugin, has been moved from the Racket distribution to the Racket package repository. Install it with: raco pkg install optimization-coach.
  • Redex: define-union-language now merges productions when languages define the same nonterminals. Thanks to William Bowman.
  • The srfi/19 library is now compatible with the date structure type exported by racket/base.