RacketCon Recap

We held RacketCon here at Northeastern over the past weekend, and it was a great time!  Matthew Flatt consulted his magic 8-ball about the future of Racket (it involves Hawaiian shirts); Matthias Felleisen announced the upcoming Realm of Racket book; Robby Findler demoed DrRacket with online syntax checking; Ryan Culpepper taught us how to make Rackety libraries; Prabhakar Ragde explained how the University of Waterloo teaches Racket and Program by Design to 1500 students a year (and how to embed math into Scribble documents).

Danny Yoo has already blogged about his talk about his Whalesong Racket->JavaScript compiler. Hopefully other people will write more about some of the individual talks; I'll update this post to link to any that I see.

As promised, the talks were videotaped by Jeff Dlouhy of the NUACM; the videos are in post-production and should be up within a few weeks. We'll announce their availability on this blog.  Slides from the individual talks will be up on the RacketCon webpage soon.